May I Have Your Attention Please? (The Worlds Ive Known Book 1)

Unputdownable: 17 books I read in 24 hours or less (because they were just that good)
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I spent last Friday night happy reading Maybe in Another Life. I also loved the reading experience of I Let You Go. Oh how I love that book! A Man Called Ove was my most recent unputdownable.

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(The Worlds Ive Known Book 1) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. Do you need to update the cover image of one of your books on BookBub?. I've often thought about this moment, about what it would be like to write my memoirs. The truth is, I should never have been this famous guy.

This was my experience with Allen, too. I hope so!

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The former because it was reminiscent of To Kill A Mockingbird and the latter because I really just wanted to know what happened!! I read this last year it was amazing. I also love The Death series, but I have listened to all of them. The reader is awesome and she has done every one in the series.

I keep hearing great things about Juniper. The Greene book is not new-I read it years ago, but obviously it stuck with me! It is laugh out loud funny at times. I remember trying to read aloud some parts to my family and being unable to because I was laughing so hard! So well written both of her parents are award winning journalists , and so compelling. Great fiction that reads like John Grisham, but sheds light on an important, tough topic of sex-trafficking.

This is well written and very good. I love John Grisham, so thanks for the Across the Sun recommendation. I listen to audio books all the time so I can still cook, clean up, and take my dogs for a walk while still getting my book fix. Your post came at THE perfect time— we are leaving soon for a quick get away and I needed to load my Kindle.

I bought 8 of the books you recommended. An ownvoices title, it won the Stonewall Award in the YA category. The Stonewall Book Awards are given annually to English-language works of exceptional merit relating to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender experience. This book is eye-opening and important to read. I loved Amanda and felt her emotions were wrenching and understandable.


Brutal story with believable characters. Not for the faint of heart. This book received at least 6 starred reviews from different library journals and ended up on a few Best Books of It is very special. Dark Matter is definitely unputdownable.

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I read Sleeping Giants, it was just ok for me. Excuse me, that seems rather unkind and uncalled for. Readers do not judge other readers. Have you never been so engrossed in a book that you do not move from the couch all day? If not, I am very sorry for you indeed.

Is it in the length of the sentences? The number of pages? The thoughts within? Even the simplest of prose can contain the most challenging of ideas. I am all for challenging and pushing oneself to greater heights of reading, but not at the cost of tearing others down. I hope they bring you as much enjoyment as my assortment will provide me! But … but … Ethan Frome! Narrative of the Life of an American Slave! The Metamorphosis! The Old Man and the Sea!

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Heart of Darkness! The Awakening! The Little Prince! Henry James! But some amazing authors through the centuries have written works that they hoped and prayed and intended their audiences would consume quickly whether by reading or listening , in a day or two aka 24 hours or even in one sitting. I read to be entertained, to escape, or to be edified. Easy or hard? Fast or slow? Reading is reading. I have a couple of these books right now!

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Great list — the only downside is my Amazon wish list is getting bigger all the time! The Likeness is my favorite Tana French book. Hands down. What a great post! Theres a couple there that ive gone and added to my amazon wish list! I love reading and this post has just fueled my addiction! I am choosing this book for my April book club selection, because it will definitely make for a terrific discussion.

What a fun post topic! Reading is personal… so personal. The Alex awards go to ten books written for adults that are considered great crossover books into the YA world.

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Great article. What parts of our identities get lost when we boil all of our ideas down to character tweets that offend no one? However, readers mentally expect it to work that way, so your opening phrase should always modify what immediately follows. Hummmmmm Glad I never had to learn it! Vampire names haven't changed much over the years, at least not in a way that differs from the way human names change year to year. You could tell Outlook to notify you only when you get something from your boss or partner.

Great comment, Barb! I read Small Great Things in 24 hours….. Same here, Carol!

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It was painful but in a good way. I am so glad I read this one and hope the lessons I learned stick with me as well as continue to develop. Love, LOVE this list! Great book that I highly recommend. Read it this year as part of my PopSugar Reading Challenge!