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Categories :. Jerry York. Watch video. Views Read Edit View history. Toys can change over the years more than you might think, and for a child they can be fondly remembered years later. Delhomme, and P.

Images via YouTube. Volunteers at the American Legion Post 76 in Arlington, Washington, finally decided that the artillery shell sitting in the lobby should probably get glued down.

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But they were surprised to find out that the shell was actually a time capsule from They were also surprised to find that someone had gotten to it first. There were plenty of other items in the shell, including a trove of documents, magazines, a menu from a local hotel, and a trench lighter from World War I. But it seems was the year for alcoholic pranksters.

Hats off to this anonymous time capsule drinker. Forty-four years later that bottle was found, washed up in Scotland. And after a bit of internet research, the bottle was returned to its creator. There have been plenty of old time capsules discovered over the years. But few make their way back to the person who created them. Especially after four decades. Either way, thank you Internet—this is one of the few times this year that you proved not to be total garbage. Back in January construction crews in Boston made an amazing discovery: A time capsule from Not only was the capsule nearly as old as the United States itself, it was created by some pretty famous Americans.

The capsule was first interred in a cornerstone by Revere and Samuel Adams in , and many news outlets played up the idea that the contents were a complete mystery. Because it was already opened at least once before back in Sure, it may have only been some newspapers and coins—but they were really old newspapers and coins.

The contents of the capsule now rest in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Newspapers from the cornerstone capsule can be seen below on the left. The silver plaque inscribed by Paul Revere himself is on the right. Read the full story here and here.

Construction crews in Scotland discovered a time capsule from this year containing a bottle of alcohol. And unlike the artillery shell capsule in Washington and the empty bottle capsule in New Hampshire, this one actually had some whisky in it. The capsule, a rusted metal box that is clearly showing its age, was found inside a cornerstone in the Ruthven Road bridge just outside of a town called Kingussie. But the whiskey is obviously the real wild card.

Okay, so now you time capsule nerds are faced with a question. When finally confronted with a time capsule with actual alcohol, would you drink it? Even if it was years old? Photos via Highland Folk Museum.

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An Old Paulean time capsule – buried but not forgotten | St. Paul's School - BLOG

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